Leros LGLE Development Update

Hey guys,

the good news is that the development of the airport itself, except for some adjustments,  is now almost completed. The not so good news is that there is still a lot of work to be done making the villages and vegetation all over the island. Most of the objects for the island are finished but the placement is in an early stage at the moment and both of us are pretty busy with our jobs during the summer months. We are planning for a release late in august but this is still uncertain and depending on our commitments in our jobs it can still be pushed backwards for several weeks as we need to wait with Beta Testing until the rest of the island is finished. So for now please don`t take this as an official date. As soon as i can tell a fixed date i will let you know. Anyway for now i have attached some more screenshots to give you an idea of how the airport is going to look like but keep in mind that it`s still kind of work in progress and things might change until the scenery is finished.

A few words about the airport itself. I have been to Leros on vacation countless times in my life and i was trying my best to bring that special feel that you have when you land at one of the small airports on the greek islands into the scenery. Leros isn`t a busy airport. It mostly has 2 or 3 flights a day, or even less and since there are no IFR procedures published for LGLE it also depends a lot on the weather if a flight reaches the island at all. With only a few flights per day there obviously isnt much activity to be expected at and around the airport and thats the feeling that i also wanted to bring into the scenery for example with a pretty subtile night lighting and only a couple of cars driving down the street now and then. There are some ships sailing in the bays around the island and on the final approach sector to runway 14, fishing boats have dropped their nets and are waiting for the big catch of the day and many more ships and ferries are moored in the small harbours or anchored in the bays. With the finished scenery we hope to give you a nice impression of approaching a small greek island airport with it`s special feel to it.


So here are the most actual screenshots. I`m not really good at taking screenshots but i was trying my best for you guys 🙂

(keep in mind that the vegetation and buildings around the airport are not yet completed so the surroundings might look pretty empty or the trees and buildings misplaced on some images):